Fantastic experience! I highly recommend! The calligraphy was beautiful. We were on a tight timeline and she came through. I can’t thank her enough!
-K and M

Author K and M
Angela is EXCELLENT! We stumbled upon her totally by chance on a google search for Seattle area Calligraphers (which, if you’ve lived in the Northwest, you know they are close to non-existent), and wow did we strike the jackpot! I’m so glad we got to her while she was still living in the area. Our wedding invitations and venue were all of the art deco theme, which called for a more contemporary font, and Angela had more than a few examples to share. Also, her turn around is extremely quick, and she’s a joy to work with. I even made a snafu and got a few addresses incorrect, and she corrected them and had them back to me within a couple days. True professional!

Author Lauren and Ian
Hello, I am a bride here in Seattle, WA and just received envelopes done by Angela! I nearly cried when I saw the finished product. Such detail, care, and love were put into each individual address. In an era in which wrap around labels are en vogue, I highly recommend being classic and doing your envelopes in calligraphy. They are so high class without a ‘high class’ price tag. Angela had so many of scripts to choose from, while others only had a couple. I am absolutely in love with these and I will recommend perfect day calligraphy to anyone. I also plan on using Angela in the future! EXCELLENT ANGELA, just stunning!

Author Vanessa
Angela’s work is in one word, exquisite. I am a designer and extremely particular about workmanship and quality. For my own wedding two years ago, I searched for a calligrapher who met my way too high standards. I found Angela and was delighted with her work. I recently contacted her again for my daughter’s wedding this spring. She is delightful to work with, and it so simple to mail her the envelopes. She is extremely prompt, stays in contact via email, and in a matter of days, she returns the envelopes, well organized and absolutely perfect. No one could believe how beautiful her handwriting truly is. We have received so many compliments. I could not recommend Angela more highly.

Author MSK